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CopierWorld is an environmentally – concerned company that rigorously follows the principles of the three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle. But we know that we must grow in a sustainable way, as a result, environmental considerations are built into our processes.

CopierWorld deals with suppliers that use eco-friendly materials packaging, which is foam free, and is constructed from biodegradable cardboard. Inks are produced from vegetable and soy dyes and have absolutely no impact whatsoever on the environment, when recycled.

   Toshiba EID’s environmentally responsible products.
Increased environmental awareness has been good business for businesses. By implementing purchasing policies that favour environmentally friendly office products, businesses can save on electricity, cut paper costs, reduce waste and even increase productivity. Making a commitment to ‘Green Up’ your organisation also gives you the added satisfaction of knowing you are making a contribution to the future of our planet.
Toshiba EID’s cartridge recycling program.
Highly resistant to degradation, the plastic and metal components of cartridges in a landfill site can last for as long as 1000 years. Toshiba’s cartridge recycling partner is Close the Loop Limited (CTL), an Australian company that is leading the world in this specialised field of resource recovery and reuse. They have developed a process that takes cartridges, breaks them up, separates and recovers the metallic component materials and then blends and reprocesses the various mixed plastics remaining on site.
> Their highly skilled team of research chemists is a leader in this field and continues to evaluate new ways of streamlining and enhancing their processes. > Their ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ process is independently audited and while their operation has achieved ISO 9001 certification they are working towards ISO 14001 accreditation.Copierworld has partnered with Metallic Recyclers to recycled all brands of end of life MFD products, recovering metal, plastics and glass for renewal.